Alarm Systems

Alarm (Intruder) systems come in 3 types:

    • Hard-wired (cabled) system: Where all the detection devices are cabled (wired) from the device to the control panel with security grade cable. These cables are normally run through the roof, or are hidden from sight. Recommended.
    • Wireless (RF/Radio) system: These systems rely mostly on batteries for operation, communicating via radio signals transmitted from an activated device to the control panel. The main benefit of wireless devices is that you can protect areas where cables cannot be run e.g. homes with no roof access. Wireless systems are great for tenants as they can easily be moved to your next property.
    • Hybrid system: These systems have a combination of both cabled and wireless devices. This design suits double-storey homes. Typically one level is cabled and the 2nd level is wireless. 
All systems enable full arming of property or Home Mode (partial arming) allowing physical movement in some areas e.g bedrooms, whilst lower levels or garages to be armed at night time. 

Our Team will meet and work with you to design a system that is suited to the property size and tailored to meet your individual needs. We aim for ease of system operation and reliability. 

Our Team covers the following areas: Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland Bay and Logan.



There are different types of detectors that serve different purposes and scenarios. Our technical experts can help determine what detectors you need for your building.

Reeds Switch

An effective switch for entrances, doorways, windows, garage and shed doors. By using a complex mechanism to trigger when someone makes an un welcomed entry.

Keypads and Remotes

Keypads and remotes are used to arm and disarm the alarm system. Our technical experts can help determine what options would best suit your need.


Sirens are used to create a deafening sound when the alarm is activated, forcing the intruder to leave or alarming others nearby.

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