When was the last time your alarm system was serviced?

Security alarms require regular servicing to ensure that they continue to protect your home or business and to minimise false alarms. Routine maintenance will also extend the life of your security system, ensuring issues are repaired promptly. We recommend a combination of self-maintenance and professional servicing to thoroughly maintain the alarm system.

So keeping a regular service schedule ensures that you have peace of mind regarding the operation of your system, whilst getting the full benefit from the security investment you made to secure your property. Regular servicing of an alarm system ensures the system’s reliability and durability. We will send out a qualified and experienced service technician at an agreed appointment time; our technicians carry a large range of generic spare parts along with a large range of batteries.

When you book a service visit with us we may ask you for some system information. Naturally, this information allows the assigned technician a better understanding of what may be the issue and what components may be required to resolve the issue.

Often we find the issue is nothing more than a battery and a reset of programming. Issues do not always involve replacement of components; sometimes the system just needs a little fine tuning.

Our Team covers the following areas: Brisbane, Ipswich, Redland Bay and Logan.

We can service the following and more!

Bosch | Ness | Hills Reliance | R8 Network | Honeywell | Ademco | Vista | Solution | DAS | Crow | DSC | C & K Systems

Full System Check

This is a general system check and there are no current faults being displayed on the keypad and the system appears to operate correctly. During a Full System Check all batteries and fitted devices e.g. detectors, sirens, remotes etc. are tested and adjustments made (if necessary). If you system is Monitored Back-to-Base we can confirm all zones reported to the monitoring station and update Zone List (if necessary).

Fault Diagnostics & Analysis

This service is required because your system has a fault/s; there is probably a fault icon on your keypad; intermittent beeping or is nuisance/false alarming frequently.

The calls can be a little more tricky to diagnose and when multiple issues exist can be a process of elimination. We often apply this method as opposed to just change devices which cannot be proven 100% faulty during the diagnostic process.

New Owner | Property with a security system in place

We will do a full system check and reprogram the system with your codes, removing any codes supplied by the former owner; if the system is to be non-monitored and is still programmed to dial out on activation; we will disable the dialler function in the system. Review the system setting and adjust to the entry and exit delays, making the alarm suitable for your family and not what worked for someone else. We can make recommendations as needed on areas the technician feels are under protected which may enable undetected access to part of your home.

Customer handover on the operation of the system; generally we can also provide an electronic user manual.

Control Panel Replacements

Generally this means existing system is still serviceable and only requires partial component replacement, generally the Control Panel PCB (the brains of the alarm system) and the keypad/s. Generally the alarm devices do not need replacing. We will re-terminate all devices to the new PCB, program and test the system operation. Manufactures cease production of alarm versions over time. If your current model has been superseded by a newer version, all keypads need to be replaced.

Systems aged 10 - 15 years | Upgrades

An ageing and faulty alarm system is worthless. The existing system has served you for many years, but unfortunately components have or are failing to work. Current models we can recommend have better features and are more user friendly than many of the ageing system. Upgrading your current system could be a simple as replacing a few components to once again provide protection for your home or business. A Security Dome technician can determine which components need updating and which components could be reused, thus reducing the overall upgrade costs.

We will aim to find a reliable resolution to meeting your security needs and your budget.

Insurance Repairs

A storm passed over and now the system is not working. Nearby lightning strikes can cause power surges to the control panel. The events can render a system inoperable and requiring replacement.

Whilst we cannot lodge a claim on your behalf we can help guide you through the claim process and provide all information to your insurance company to assist in a speedy claim settlement.

System Relocations

Moving house and your system is not that old. We can remove and relocate your system to your new property. If you have moved to a larger home we can also supply additional detection to under protected and vulnerable areas. If you system is cabled, we can assess the pros and cons cost analysis of moving your current system; sometime you may get more value for your dollar by purchasing a new system and enjoy the benefits of current technology and manufacture warranty.

CCTV & Camera Service

Cameras generally only need a technician site visit when they stop working. One of our technicians can attend and check the failed device. Replacement component can be ordered and fitted. Technicians will require password to DVR or NVR’s, some system a very difficult to default and reprogram without the password/s or login.

Back-to-Base Commissioning

Commissioning’s are when all Zones are tested back to a monitoring station or an APP. It confirms that at that point of time all devices are working and all devices are mapped to form a Zone List which outlines the devices type and the location. Other site details are also recorded and provided to the monitoring station, enabling them to execute your predetermined action plan in the event of zone activation at you home.

Property Evaluation & Assessments

This is a non-technical attendance. The technician will discuss with you and assess your site. Once complete he can provide site recommendations and advise on product options to improve or update you security measures. 

Evaluations and Assessment can be completed on either, existing homes and new builds.

If you're building a new home, start planning once the slab is down; this would enable a pre-wire of the site, resulting in better options for you.

No Charge and No Obligation

Data Cabling

Talk to us today if you need cable ran between modems and TV’s or for connects in your study. Maybe your work place requires more data point/s for new work station/s and modem connections.

It is not possible for us to provide an accurate quote on Data Point Service at a property without first completing an onsite inspection, as every site is different. Contact us to book an appointment time to discuss your needs.

Check the fine print | Insurance Companies

Often pass on a premium discount when a security and/or CCTV systems is installed. Please consult your policy to see if your insurer requests a system “be regularly maintained”; this means they want to be able to see a service history to confirm all reasonable action has been taken to keep the system in good working order. One can only assume the lack of service history my affect the success of a claim. Please consult your policy to see what your insurer expects of you.

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